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WECAN 2022 Early Childhood Educators Conference- February 11-13, 2022

Working Together toward Change

Keynote speakers Meggan Gill, Keelah Helwig and Joaquin Muñoz

Nearly 800 Waldorf early childhood educators from throughout North America and around the world participated in our February online conference. This conference was a significant step in our working together toward change, toward the kinder, more compassionate society we all know is possible.

Conversations on the conference theme will continue and resources will be shared on a new WECAN Community Hub.

A whole-hearted thank you to everyone who contributed to this inspiring event:

Otsistohkwi:yo for sharing the Haudenosaunee thanksgiving address
Meggan Gill, Keelah Helwig and Joaquin Muñoz, for their stimulating, eloquent collaborative keynote sessions
Lynn Turner and Leslie Wetzonis-Woolverton for facilitating the Q&A and the closing session and post-conference Listening Space
Anjum Mir, Laura Mason and Magdalena Toran for joining Lynn and Leslie to sound the notes from the conference and look toward our future work together
Silk and String Puppeteers from Toronto and members of the Everlasting Tree Community for their puppetry performance of the legend of the Dancing Stars
Members of the Ak Lu’um Community School for the singing and marionette performance of the Huicho legend, The Blue Deer
the workshop presenters who shared their gifts and ongoing research and practice with conference participants
the incredible WECAN Conference Team, whose work behind the scenes made it possible for us all to come together in this unique way
And our Sponsors for their generous support of this work. A full list of sponsors and exhibitors can be found here.
VIP Sponsors: Mercurius, Sunbridge Institute and Waldorf Publications.


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