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The mission of the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America is to foster a new cultural impulse for the work with the young child from pre-birth to age seven. WECAN is committed to nurturing childhood as a foundation for renewing human culture.


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WECAN 2022 Early Childhood Educators Conference - February 11-13, 2022

Working Together Toward Change

Keynote speakers Meggan Gill, Keelah Helwig and Joaquin Muñoz


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Conference Rates
$180 Non-WECAN-Affiliated Participant
  $160 WECAN Organizational Member 
$130 WECAN individual member

In our upcoming online WECAN conference, we will continue our work on the 2021 conference theme. Keynote speakers and workshop leaders will help us, individually and collectively, to engage in a process of change and renewal with enthusiasm, commitment and courage for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. 
Keynote speakers Meggan Gill, Keelah Helwig, and Joaquin Muñoz will inspire us through panel discussions and question-and-answer sessions to broaden our perspectives and deepen our considerations as Waldorf early childhood educators. We look forward to experiencing the leadership they have provided to colleagues, schools and training centers who have committed to broadening their scope and deepening their commitment to serving the whole of humanity. 

We are also very grateful to our courageous, insightful and innovative Waldorf early childhood colleagues who will share their action research on the conference theme in a wide array of workshops, many of which will be recorded for later viewing by those who register for the conference. This year’s conference will also include artistic offerings, vendor and sponsor booths, as well as new events and opportunities to meet and engage with one another.
Conference registration will open on January 14th at which time more details will be shared.

For list of workshops click here. To view conference schedule click here.

We hope you will join us!

Conferencia en línea de educadores de la primera infancia de la WECAN 
11 - 13 de febrero de 2022

Trabajando juntos hacia el cambio

Oradores principales Meggan Gill, Keelah Helwig y Joaquín Muñoz

La inscripción se abre el 14 de enero de 2022 en el sitio web de la WECAN

Tarifas de la conferencia
$180 Participante no afiliado a la WECAN
  $160 Miembro organizativo de la WECAN 
$130 Miembro individual de la WECAN
$40 Colegas mexicanos

School Renewal and the Heart of Change -
Virtual Conference 

If you missed the wonderful conference in June, it is now possible to register for access to the recordings of keynotes, webinars, and other events, which you will be able to view until June 2022. 

Individuals may register for $120 each, and will have access to all the keynote speakers and webinars. Whether used for professional development or to study conference content with faculty and staff, this is a great opportunity for all. 

Here are some of the recordings: 

Bringing Courage to the Mirror - Keelah Helwig
Anti-Bias Education  - Raising a Just Generation - Monique Marshall
Navigating the Intersections: A Systems Thinking Approach to Renewal - Victoria Reyes
Lifting the Veil of Complacency Toward Racism - Karina Haedo
Q&A Sessions for each Keynote

Unwrapping the Gifts of Biography As a Tool for Understanding our Racial Identity Development - Keelah Helwig
Reawakening the Sacred in the Practical - Being Human, Being Economic and Being in Community, 3 sessions with John Bloom
International Connections: Saying Yes with Responsibility and Courage - Florian Osswald
Trauma Pedagogy in our Schools and Communities, with Dr. Ida Oberman

And more!  Register here.

"Becoming..." Early Childhood Around the World

On the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of Waldorf Education, Waldorf 100 and the International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education (IASWECE) are pleased to present a film about early childhood today in the mirror of different cultures worldwide.

Two children play in a Waldorf early childhood classroom. These videos in English and Spanish  feature Waldorf early childhood education on several continents.

Two children play in a Waldorf early childhood classroom. These videos in English and Spanish  feature Waldorf early childhood education on several continents.

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