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Part of WECAN’s mission is to provide resources for Waldorf early childhood educators and for others who draw inspiration from the work of Rudolf Steiner in their work with young children. In addition to our Gateways newsletter and the books we publish and distribute through our online bookstore, we gather current research and articles of interest along with maintaining a bibliography of classic works.  Our Research Digest (links below) is a semi-monthy collection of contemporary articles from a variety of news sources that touch upon topics of interest to Waldorf Early Childhood educators.

Healthy Organizational Practices Online Resource Part I (PDF)

Healthy Organizational Practices Online Resource Part II (PDF)

Six Gestures for the Waldorf Early Childhood Educator (PDF)

Guidelines for Observing School Readiness (PDF)

Best Practices With Parents (PDF)

Articles gathered in the Research Digest are separated into categories in the links below (link goes to a PDF document with active links).  Links to the original monthly issues of the Research Digest are available below the WECAN Books Catalog.

Links to Articles on Play and Movement (PDF)

Links to Articles on Early Intellectual Stimulation and Reading (PDF)

Links to Articles on Media Exposure and Electronic Device Use (PDF)

Links to Articles on Other Topics (Art, Storytelling and Stories, Health,  Families/Parents, etc.)  (PDF)

WECAN Books Catalog

Research Digest - March 2015 

Research Digest - May 2015

Research Digest - July 2015

Research Digest - August 2015

Research Digest - October 2015

Research Digest - December 2015

Research Digest - February 2016

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