Recent Research and Publications

Love as the Source of Education: The Life Work of Helmut von Kügelgen 
Edited by Susan Howard

Helmut von Kügelgen (1916-1998) was a champion of the Waldorf early childhood movement and a steadfast supporter of its growth in North America and throughout the world. In celebration of the centenary of his birth, we present this collection of articles, lectures, and essays to carry with us into the future, always keeping in mind his central theme: Love is the source of education.  

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Waldorf Early Childhood Education: An Introductory Reader 
Edited by Shannon Honigblum

A new collection of foundational articles for early childhood educators and families. Included are classic accounts by master teachers as well as contemporary educators’ observations on topics such as history of the early childhood movement; the developing child in the early childhood classroom; daily rhythm and activities; the young child in the spiritual world; and working with parents. 

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Let's Dance and Sing!

Freya Jaffke, translated by Nina Kuettel

A collection of lively pentatonic games, verses, and dances to give children the joy of singing and playing together and experiencing their environment through all the seasons of the year in a rich and formed way. This companion to Freya Jaffke’s Play with Us, also available from WECAN, is suitable for home to nursery to kindergarten. 

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Transitions in Childhood from Birth to 14 Years 
The Pedagocial Secion and the IASWECE 

This was the theme of an international conference of early childhood educators, teachers, and doctors, held at the Goetheanum in April 2015. The keynote lectures in this volume view the pivotal points when the child’s consciousness shifts to new awareness and new capacities. The scope of development shared from both pedagogical and medical perspectives is important for all teachers.

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Movement Journeys and Circle Adventures
Nancy Blanning and Laurie Clark

A collection of all new material, plus a reprint of useful essays on the twelve senses and sensory development, building upon the foundation established in Volume One. There are new sections on movement to nursery rhymes, bean bag imaginations for young children, and some pedagogical contemplation on what stands behind the visible movements and activities we do to support the child’s incarnation. 

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The Seven Life Processes
Phillipp Gelitz and Almuth Strehlow, translated by Nina Kuettel

Healthy organ growth and functioning support our physical life and affect how the child plays and learns. Seven life processes quietly hum beneath all this activity. Understanding these gives insight and inspiration for how to encourage wholeness, healthy growth, and development in body, soul, and spirit. 

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