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Southeast Regional WECAN Gathering, Friday April 7 – Saturday April 8

Igniting the Social Impulse of Waldorf Education
Keynote Address by Laurie Clark
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Registration for our 2017 Early Childhood Educators Conference Opens Friday, December 9!

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WECAN 2017 Early Childhood Educators Conference 

WECAN Pacific Northwest Early Childhood Conference
February 17-19, 2017, Whidbey Island Waldorf School, Clinton, WA

Our life sense gives us a window to our inner world. It helps us to know whether we are tired, hungry, or ill. The life sense creates the foundation for our sense of feeling well, of safety and contentment.

As a young child makes strides out into the world with steps of greater movement and independence, reciprocal steps inward need also to be made to help them orient and calm when the outer world does not know how to settle.

In this conference we will look at the relationship between outer motor milestones and our inner capacities for self-soothing. We will focus particularly on how this process is practiced each night as the child enters into sleep life, how it relates to the twelve senses, and how this process is commonly disrupted when children show patterns of anxiety, disruption, and overwhelm.

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