WECAN hosts an annual conference each February in Spring Valley, New York, and sponsors regional conferences throughout North America.

WECAN 2018 Early Childhood Educators Conference: Registration Opens December 8.

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Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna is a pediatrician with a specialty in neonatology and a special interest in autism. She directed a neonatal intensive care unit for 15 years and now runs a curative center for special needs children in Hyderabad, South India. Co-founder and president of the Anthroposophical Medical Society in India, she has worked extensively in India and Australia as a lecturer and health educator, particularly within school communities.

Michael Kokinos is a physiotherapist with a clinical practice in Australia, Blue Sky Therapies, specializing in craniosacral work. He has worked extensively on innovative health care projects with government and Aboriginal leaders in the remote North of Australia, and visits India regularly, mainly to support families of autistic children and conduct joint workshops with Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna for therapists, special educators and parents.

Study Material: In preparation for the conference, we recommend the following:

  • The Waking of the Human Soul and the Forming of Destiny, by Rudolf Steiner
  • Childhood Falls Silent – The Loss of Speech and How We Need to Foster Speaking and Communication in the Electronic Age (WECAN Books)
  • The Creative Word – The Young Child’s Experience of Language and Stories - Daniel Udo de Haes (WECAN Books)
  • The First Three Years of the Child: Walking, Speaking, Thinking, Karl König (Steiner Books)

Thank you to all who made the 2017 WECAN Early Childhood Educators Conference possible!


Each year, the WECAN February conference held in Spring Valley, New York, draws over 380 Waldorf early childhood educators to further their professional development, strengthen connections with colleagues, deepen the anthroposophical basis of the Waldorf early childhood work, and find artistic and social refreshment. Threefold Educational Center and Green Meadow Waldorf School provide the facilities for the annual conference.

Recent conference keynote speakers and themes:

2017 - Susan Perrow: The Healing Power of Language and Story: Therapeutic Storytelling for the Young Child

2016 - Barbara Baldwin: Point and Periphery: Towards a Deeper Understanding of the Nature and Disturbances of the Senses

2015 - Dr. Adam Blanning: Nurturing the Sense of Life and Wellbeing in Young Children and the Adults Who Care for Them, Part II

2014 - Susan Weber, Ruth Ker, Patricia Rubano: Nurturing the Sense of Life and Wellbeing in Young Children and the Adults Who Care for Them, Part I

2013 - Renate Long-Breipohl: The Education of Feeling

2012 - Susan Weber and Philipp Reubke: Offering Support for the Incarnation Process

2011 - Nancy Blanning, Laurie Clark, Jane Swain: Movement — A Path Toward Freedom

2010 - Dr. Gerald Karnow: Deepening Our Capacities to Meet the Children in Our Care

We are grateful to our sponsors, supporters, and individual donors for their support.
Sponsors and Supporters of the 2016 conference were:
Center for Anthroposophy
Research Institute for Waldorf Education
Sunbridge Institute
Camp Glen Brook
Camphill Special School
Danish Woolen Delight
The Fellowship Community
Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto
Sophia's Hearth Family Center
ing Edicions
The Art of Acting at Threefold Educational Center
West Coast Institute

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