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The mission of the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America is to foster a new cultural impulse for the work with the young child from pre-birth to age seven. Based on an anthroposophical understanding of human development, WECAN is committed to protecting and nurturing childhood as a foundation for renewing human culture.


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Individuals who wish to support and contribute to Waldorf early childhood education are invited to join WECAN. Schools, training centers, and home programs may also enter on the path of organizational membership.


Waldorf kindergartens and early childhood programs in North America: see if there is a program in your area.
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This year’s East Coast Conference was a great success, with 385 participants from 5 countries, 24 states, and 3 Canadian provinces. Next year the conference is the SECOND weekend of February - February 10-12, 2017, with keynote speaker Susan Perrow (from Australia) speaking on the theme of therapeutic storytelling. Check this page for further information in the fall.

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